Runners People running in the Allstate Hot Chocolate 5K 15K event in Chicago

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Runners starting the Allstate 5K 15K running event

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2020 Louisville Triple Crown of Running (All 3 Races)

Conveniently register for all 3 races of the Louisville Triple Crown of Running at once and be eligible for Triple Crown series scoring. Sign up for all three events, and you'll receive an additional medal to highlight your dedication in completing the full series. This medal can be combined with the medals from the 5k Fitness Classic and the City Run 10k, to form a truly unique addition to your medal display! In addition to the medal set, registrants will receive a Triple Crown series shirt in addition tto $5.00 off each event when you register for all 3 (a savings of $15.00) will also be autmoatically applied. The 5K Fitness Classic is March 7, 2020, the City Run 10K is March 21, 2020 and the Allstate Hot Chocolate 15K on April 4, 2020.

* Prices shown are inclusive of discount.

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