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Runners starting the Allstate 5K 15K running event

Run This Town

Due to the cancellation of many of our summer and fall events, we have made the decision to defer the 2020 Run This Town Challenge to 2021.

What does this mean for you? If you registered for the 2020 Ravenswood 5k, 2020 Cinco de Miler, 2020 DC Wonder Woman™ 10k/5k, and/or the 2020 Soldier Field 10 Mile, we will be counting those events towards next year’s 4 star goal. You will see this reflected in your EnMotive account starting January 1st, 2021. Please note: these are the ONLY 2020 events that will count towards the 2021 Challenge.

If you did not register for any of these events, no problem! Your challenge will start fresh on January 1st, 2021.

RAM Racing’s 2021 Run This Town Challenge


We’ve created the ultimate Chicago running challenge. Are you up for it?

Register for four qualifying 2021 RAM Racing events around Chicagoland and get your very own Run This Town MEDAL at the end of your season. After all, you EARNED IT!

Already registered for some of our races? No problem, your EnMotive account will keep a running tally of the races you’ve registered for. You can find your Run This Town virtual medal when you log in to your Enmotive account. With every qualifying registration, we will turn a grey star gold!  Once your 4th star populates, we’ll send you an email to confirm your completion and let you know where and when you can pick up your medal.

We can't wait for you to Run This Town with us in 2021!

Program FAQ's

What races qualify for the Run This Town challenge?  See below!

2020 Ravenswood Run 5k
2021 Ravenswood Run 5k

2020 Cinco de Miler 5 Mile
2021 Cinco de Miler 5 Mile

2020 Soldier Field 10 Mile
2021 Soldier Field 10 Mile
2020 DC Wonder Woman™ 10k/5k Chicago
2021 DC Wonder Woman™ 10k/5k Chicago
2021 Northshore Classic Half Marathon
2021 Northshore Classic 5k
2021 Bigfoot Triathlon
2021 Bigfoot Trail Run 10k
2021 Bigfoot Trial Run 5k
2021 Run Mag Mile 10k
2021 Run Mag Mile 5k
2021 Bucktown 5k
2021 Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k Chicago
2021 Allstate Hot Chocolate 5k Chicago
2021 Northshore Turkey Trot 10k
2021 Northshore Turkey Trot 5k

Do any of the race distances qualify?

YES! Run the 5ks or add a half marathon in the mix- it’s up to you on how you want to Run This Town!

Do any of the 2020 events count towards the Run This Town challenge in 2021?

Yes, the 2020 Ravenswood 5k, 2020 Cinco de Miler 5 Mile, 2020 DC Wonder Woman 10k/5k, and 2020 Soldier Field 10 Mile Virtual Runs WILL count towards your 2021 Run This Town Challenge goal. You will see this reflected in your EnMotive account on January 1st, 2021.

Please note: these are the ONLY 2020 events that will count towards the 2021 Challenge.

When will I get this totally awesome BLING?

You can pick up your all new 2021 Run This Town medal at your 4th qualifying race.  Don't worry, we'll send you an email prior to that race to remind you where to go to pick it up.

How can I view my status?

Login to your EnMotive account at and you will see your badge and current status.

How do I view another registrant?

If you have multiple registrants in your EnMotive account, please use the left and right arrows on the badge to toggle between registrants. The registrants name will appear the top of the badge.

What if I think there is an error in calculating one of my events?

If you feel that there is an event that should be accounted for that isn't, please email with the Title "Run This Town Verification" and provide as many details as possible, including the events you are registered for and the ones you believe are missing. It could be you registered under two email addresses, changed your name recently or someone else may have registered you for an event. Our participant experience team will be able to resolve for you without issue! Note: You can also see any incomplete registrations or upcoming registrations in your EnMotive account underneath the badge.

How can I register for more events?

Easy! While inside your EnMotive account within the Run This Town badge you can see the eligible races. Just click on any of the races you have not registered for, choose your already saved registrant (we make it easy for you and save your details) and in a matter of seconds you'll be registered for another event!